Working Groups


It is a long road from basic research to the clinic. It is a focus of our work to accompany this journey and help the players overcome obstacles and master challenges. 

For this purpose, it is necessary to provide physicians with knowledge about what laser medicine is already able to achieve today and what is currently being researched. On the other hand, we have to learn from physicians of different disciplines where they see problems in their daily work that biophotonics and laser medicine can contribute to solving and what requirements these solutions have to fulfill in their daily clinical work. We bring together those who formulate requirements with the scientists who develop solutions so that they can jointly advance projects in a targeted manner.

The regulatory and political framework conditions are also crucial for the success of translation. That is why we bring all relevant stakeholders into dialogue with each other, advise political decision-makers as well as opinion leaders in the media, offer workshops for researchers and third-party funders, deal with the question of how to make device development MDR-compliant right from the start, and participate in the guideline process so that photonic solutions are also taken into account in it.

Once market-ready solutions have been developed, high-performance industrial partners are needed to bring them to market and develop them further in line with customer requirements. We are working to integrate companies into the DGLM and to take their concerns into account in our work.


Prof. Dr. Jürgen Popp
Head of Working Group


A sound education as well as continuous training are crucial for the optimal use of innovative technologies in laser medicine and biophotonics in patient care.

This is where we, as a society of experts, get involved and want to combine the legal requirements according to TROS (Technical Rules for Occupational Health and Safety Regulation on Artificial Optical Radiation) and NiSG (Law on Protection against Non-Ionizing Radiation in Human Applications) with innovative educational formats that we want to develop together with medical societies and the medical associations. We will offer topic-specific workshops and develop concepts for online teaching for physicians and medical physicists. We will map current developments in information and discussion forums.


Dr. Adrian Rühm
Head of Working Group


Communication both internally and outwardly is key to the success of our work. We have the various target groups firmly in mind and offer them tailored information and event formats.

The Outreach Committee designs the intersection between the DGLM and its organs on the one hand and the professional circles and decision-makers as well as the public on the other hand. The tasks of the committee include the design of current PR activities as well as press releases. The internet presence is an important task focus. In addition, events of the DGLM (seminars, conferences) and internal meetings (e.g. general meetings, next generation meetings) are to be organized.


Daniel Siegesmund
Head of Working Group