Mission & Vision

Whe we are

We are an interdisciplinary medical society with the aim to further develop biophotonic and laser medical procedures, to make them known and to bring them into use for the benefit of the patients. In doing so, we always keep an eye on practical relevance and regulatory requirements. It is of great concern to us to provide well-founded training and continuing education opportunities for physicians, medical physicists and medical personnel. 

Why Lasers?

With their different wavelengths and power densities, lasers offer unique possibilities in the diagnosis and therapy of numerous clinical pictures. From ophthalmology to urology and dentistry, they provide cost-effective and rapid treatments with short recovery times. In cosmetic surgery, they make scars and tattoos disappear. In research, they help to achieve breakthroughs, for instance in the intraoperative differentiation of tumor marginal tissue.

What we do

We are convinced that the potential of the laser as a medical tool is far from being fully utilized. Therefore …

… we bring people together. Scientists and physicians from different disciplines and different generations, as well as researchers with representatives from the regulatory, political and industrial sectors.

… we shape decision-making processes. Our members can actively participate in our various focal points. Together we identify the unmet medical need in events, discuss topics such as translation, education and outreach and develop concepts for the professional community and politics.

… we secure the future. With our work, we ensure that laser medicine can continue to develop and, in combination with microsystems technology, biotechnology, natural sciences and engineering, open up completely new diagnostic and therapeutic paths. Together with universities, professional societies and medical associations, we develop new training concepts and offer the next generation information, career options and our own training programs, such as summer schools, on our “Next Generation” platform. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to make the broad range of applications offered by lasers in healthcare technologies accessible to as many physicians and their patients as possible.