Next Generation

The future lies in the next generation. Therefore, shaping the future must involve today's students. The goals and tasks are defined by the committee, taking into account the goals of the DGLM itself.

The goal of the Next Generation is to connect young people interested in future-oriented technologies in laser medicine and biophotonics and to advance their visionary interests. For this purpose, strategic networking within the DACH region can be used to achieve synergistic effects, avoid duplication of research and jointly achieve economic R&D goals.


  • Establishment of a network for young scientists (postdocs, students, MDs)
  • Help and support with scientific and social aspects of science and medicine
  • Contacts with others in the field of biophotonics and laser medicine
  • Exchange of experience and ideas
  • Help for young scientists by experienced colleagues
  • Meetings at conferences / annual retreat.


Max Aumiller
DGLM Next Generation